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I wasn't even aware of the Tifa breast size drama, here Leon talks about how this (seemingly) dumb outrage actually reflects how the privileged react to the status quo that benefits them changing.


Hi, although following a blog through your favorite micro blogging platform sounds like a kewl proposition, I don't think the integration with the fediverse is there yet. All of those platforms allow for commenting on posts made here, however, I couldn't find a way to read them, therefore the original poster would seem like a little bitch, ignoring commenters, which is not my style. There's still the hidden ability to follow via RSS.

What's that I hear? Do you want to know how?

Well, let me tell you the big secret of how to follow an RSS enabled website even if there's no indication: On Firefox right click some blank area of he page and click on view page source, and search for the words “atom” or “rss”, you should see something like this example from people.kernel.org:

Viewing the first lines of code from the people.kernel.org page “type” tells us this is an rss feed, “href” is the link.

If you click on it, your address bar will go to the feed, just remove the “view-source:” part and that's the link you need!

For writefreely the feeds are usually <url>/feed.